Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A poem a day for a month (NaPoWriMo): Day one

It is National Poetry Month, and I’ve decided to take the challenge of writing a poem a day for a month. I think the challenge of forcing myself to do it - of summoning the words even when I feel like they have no interest in making an appearance - will be good.

Also, there’s this: napowrimo.net

Today's prompt (April 1) is a triolet.  I have issues with rhyming poetry; I am not the best at manipulating words within the constraints.  But that is why this is good practice.

Here goes nothing.

For youth and splendor

Oh to be young and blushing and shy,
modestly proudly flickering glances and batting lashes. Hands
meandering across the deep plains of his thigh,
to be young and blushing and shy –
Karaoke the proper and charming opportunity to play wry
and adult. A fugitive of family plans.
Oh to be young and blushing and shy,
and proclaiming devoted love for the most obscure of bands.

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