Friday, 13 April 2012

NaPoWriMo day twelve: a homophonic poem

So I decided to tackle a poem by Baudelaire to homophonically translate.  This is not as simple as it may sound.  Translating a poem in another language based on sound is difficult when you know the other language, even partially.  I had to rid my mind of all the French I knew and read the language as if I'd never heard it or seen it before.  Anyways, I tackled the first stanza of "l’invitation au voyage."

Mon enfant, ma soeur,
Songe a la douceur
D’aller la-bas vivre ensemble!
Aimer a loisir,
Aimer et mourir
Au pays qui te ressemble!
Les soleils mouilles
De ces ceils brouilles
Pour mon esprit ont les charmes
Si mysterieux
De tes traitres yeux,
Brilliant a travers leurs larmes.

And this is how it turned out:

My own fault, my sweet,
Sponging up delicacies,
Tallying up violent enterprises!
I aim to lose,
I aim to mourn
Or patiently and quietly reassemble.
Lay silent moments
they say, briskly.
But man is free only of shame,
but the traitor is you,
brilliantly traversing the length of my arms.

I took some liberties. I think next time I will try German or something a tad more foreign to me.  The challenge was fun though!

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