Sunday, 20 November 2011

sometimes i get nostalgic [and take photographs]

     About seven months ago, I moved back home after living in Montreal for a year.  The time spent there, and the time in between, exists as a sort of timelessness for me - temporally, everything that has happened to me exists simultaneously.  It's hard for me to remove my current sense of being from the sensations I experienced across the country - padding across the dark wood of the apartment, the sound of cheap beer cans cracking open, the fierce chill of a blizzard on my cheeks. 
     When I came home, it was an odd adjustment.  The weather was different - the air smelled like cherry blossom petals - there was this community I had existed separate from for so long.  I felt like I was existing in two places at once, and in many ways I still do.  I put on my winter coat, reach my hand into the pocket, and take out a metro pass, "correspondance et preuve de paiement."  I remember nights sitting around our kitchen table, two bottles of wine and two pizzas split between two waif-ish girls.  I feel like I'm still watching Survivorman with one of my best friends.  I get nostalgic.
      I also took pictures of everything.  I have photographs from the past and the present, moments which exist at the same time.

Arndell doing some serious mixing
We had a Great Gatsby themed party
Heather in little Italy, NY NY
Anne in 40's garb
Vicki and I ride

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