Saturday, 26 November 2011

[midnight musings]

Have you ever wondered what picture of you they’d use
If you died tonight?
Big grin and pointy teeth
High ball in hand,
Or solemn countenance
Looking down and reading -
Or something of the sort.

The threads entwining life are tenuous,
Would they post up that picture of me
The wrong side of my face,
The gloomy side?

The dictation of remembrance,
“remember her this way,
she wrote and slept”
look into this photograph
and know everything.

If the car veered off the road
And the leather upholstery strained
To hold you in,
If gravity ceased
And hands hung in the air,
Would you be laughing or crying?

Fate’s truancy,
Hung on the chill of the night,
Gossamer threads pulling foggy taillights
Deep into a pond.
If I was trapped beneath,
The womb of death,
Full body or shoulders up?

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